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Recent incidents of heart attack
58-year-old Raju Srivastava is admitted to AIIMS, Delhi after a heart attack. His condition still remains critical. Before this, Malkhan of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain i.e. Deepesh Bhan fell while playing in the cricket ground and died. Kannada superstar Puneeth Rajkumar, 46, also fainted during a workout and passed away. It is also said about 40-year-old fitness freak Siddharth Shukla, who had a heart attack shortly after returning from the gym. Famous singer KK also had a heart attack during a live performance in Kolkata.
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what happened in kolhapur
The incident in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra proved the saying that doctors are God. It happened that sitting in front of the doctor, the patient suddenly suffered a heart attack. However, the patient’s life was saved due to timely treatment from the doctors. This happened in Kolhapur’s famous cardiologist Dr. Arjun Adnaik’s hospital. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera. In fact, when the patient and family were discussing with the doctor, suddenly the patient feeling unwell became restless in the chair. During this, the doctor saved his life by gently touching his chest.

Understand the symptoms of heart attack, learn from experts how you can survive

Experts say that if common people can understand the symptoms of heart attack and adopt timely measures and do CPR, then many lives can be saved. Cardiac specialist of GB Pant Hospital, Delhi Prof. Dr Yusuf Jamal says that when there is a feeling of heaviness in the middle of the chest, sweating, pain goes to the left hand, these symptoms are of heart attack. If the heart stops working due to these symptoms, it is called cardiac arrest. Dr Jamal said that now some places keep emergency kits in the society, in which there are many types of emergency medicine, if this medicine is given as soon as the symptoms of heart attack come, it can be controlled to a great extent and the patient can be taken to the hospital. Is.
When does heart attack come?

What to do if a patient has a heart attack

Cardiologist Dr Bipin Dubey of Manipal Hospital said that if a patient has suffered a heart attack, his symptoms are coming, then on the basis of these symptoms, the people around can immediately give some medicine to the patient at home, which prevented it to a great extent. can go. Aspirin 150 to 350 mg tablet is to be given immediately when symptoms occur. After this 40 to 80 mg of Atorvastatin is to be given, it lowers the cholesterol layer. If the blood pressure is under control then the patient has to keep the tablet of 5 mg sorbatrate under the tongue (Note – keep these medicines at home only after consulting your doctor). If the patient is alone, then after taking these medicines, he has to keep coughing till he reaches the hospital, sometimes even a mild block gets over by this. If there is someone with the patient, then take them to the nearest hospital at home, but keep in mind that heart treatment is done there.

what to do if the heart stops

If someone has a cardiac arrest after a heart attack, that is, the heart stops, then the people around the patient should do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately. Should be pressed in the middle of the chest. He told that if CPR is done within two minutes after the heart stops, then the heart starts beating again. Doctor Bipin said that in the event of cardiac arrest, the people around should press the middle of the patient’s chest with both hands, do this 60 to 70 times per minute, give mouth to mouth breathing once after every four sessions, this will help the heart. Chances of revive (beating again) are increased. He said that training is given to employees in malls and societies abroad, but it is not in practice here.
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Difference between heart attack and gas pain

Dr Jamal said that often people do not understand the symptoms of heart attack and the pain caused by gas. When there is gas, the patient feels sour belching, feels like vomiting, the pain is somewhere, but in a heart attack, there is severe pain in the chest in the heart, as never happened before, there is a weight on the chest. And if the pain goes behind the back and towards the left hand, then it is a heart attack. He said that it happened three times in his society that people called me thinking gas pain as a heart attack, when I saw it, I understood immediately.

Heart attack cases in youth increased by 15 to 20 percent

Heart attack deaths among youth have been increasing in the last few years. According to experts, a decade ago, heart attacks in youth groups accounted for 1 or 2 percent. Now the cases of heart attack in the young population have reached 15 to 20 percent. The main reason for its increase is the adoption of western culture among the youth, air pollution, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle.

stay away from stress

Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Prashant Mishra of Sion Hospital told that there are two types of people, one who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Inadequate sleep is leading to diseases and stress in the younger generation like high blood pressure and diabetes. He explained that many of his patients had job and career stress, which acts as a catalyst for cardiovascular diseases. Another type of person who does more exercise without any knowledge, which sometimes proves fatal. Everything in the body has a limit. If we put extra pressure, we definitely have to face the consequences. Night’s sleep is most important. Doing yoga will help you get rid of stress.

it’s important to be social

Dr. Shakeel Sheikh, who was a cardiologist at JJ Hospital, said that people are now adopting western culture. Now young people are more competitive and ambitious for money and career, which leads to stress. Most of the people are living in small family so no one is able to share their problem. In a large family, problems were always discussed and elders gave suggestions and guidance. Along with this, pollution due to increasing urbanization is also affecting health. A decade ago, there were hardly 1 or 2 percent of heart attack cases among the youth. But, now it has increased to 15 to 20 percent. We need to be social like never before. (input agency)

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