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Almost a month after James Rayl was shot dead, a chilling video of the incident has been released, and his family is now demanding justice.
Video footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows James Rayl, 22, trying to break into his ex-girlfriend Allyson Duckro’s house, and her father, Mitchell Duckro, shooting him thrice to protect his daughter.
Rayl was found dead in front of Duckro’s garage where he fell after he was shot on July 31 at around 11 am at 2907 N. Kuther Road, Sidney, Ohio.
Trigger Warning: Video shows graphic gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised.
As per his obituary, James Rayl was born on February 25, 2000. He was a native of Louisville, Kentucky. In 2018, he graduated from Fairlawn High School and Upper Valley Career Center. He was a professional steel worker.
The obituary also mentions that Rayl was a fitness freak who loved body building and mentoring people in health. He enjoyed playing basketball and video games, and he was also passionate about cars, possessing three of his own. Rayl was kind-hearted and helpful, and he loved making people laugh.
In the 40-second video, Rayl can be seen trying to break into his ex-girlfriend Allyson Duckro’s house, wearing a gray T-shirt, shorts, a blue hoodie, and a baseball cap.
James can be seen repeatedly ringing the doorbell and then folding his hands behind his back as he waits for someone to answer the door.
He then tries to open the door by throwing the weight of his body against it, while a family member inside the house, Mitchell Duckro, tells him to leave. Duckro says that he has a gun, but this does not stop James from banging on the door.
Rayl eventually manages to open the door a few inches and then three gunshots are heard, two hitting him on his right and left shoulders and one hitting him on his back as James Rayl attempts to flee the scene.
The clip then shows Rayl flinching as he stumbles back down on the porch before falling in front of the garage door.
Several minutes after the incident, authorities found him and pronounced him dead. As per Sidney Daily News, his autopsy report mentioned two gunshot wounds on his shoulder and a fatal one on his back as the cause of death.
As per WOWK 13 News, Tim Sell, a Shelby County Prosecutor, revealed that the jury will not proceed with the charges against Mitchell Duckro for shooting Rayl on July 31.
Earlier this month, a Shelby County grand jury ruled 8-1 against indicting Duckro on charges connected to Rayl’s death, citing Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” legislation, which states that homeowners have no legal responsibility to retreat before using a firearm.
After news broke that Mitchell would not be charged with killing James, the latter’s family launched a Facebook page demanding justice for the deceased young man.
James Rayl is survived by his siblings, Jessica (Justin) Colbert, Jordan Rayl, and Jayden Conatser, as well as his parents, Scott Rayl Jr., and Chelsea Rayl.

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