Vivek Oberoi says Bollywood is an 'exclusive club': 'Surname and the lobby you belong to matter more than talent' – The Indian Express

Actor Vivek Oberoi has had a difficult journey in Bollywood and was almost written off at one point, but he has no regrets about the professional decisions he made. Recently, the actor, who is has a crucial role in the web show Inside Edge,  said that Bollywood has now evolved into an ‘exclusive club’, where surnames are prioritised over talent. He also said that he does his best to nurture new talent.
Speaking to Hindustan Times about how he still treasures his turbulent journey, he went on to say, “As far as practical aspects of it, being ….(sounds funny when I say it) being a senior who has been around for 20 years, I do feel we have missed a trick or two. ”
He added, “One big complaint that I have against my industry is that we haven’t developed the nursery that nurtures young talent. It is difficult. We made it into this exclusive club where it is either surname or who you know or which lobby or which darbar you do a salaam at… that matters, not your talent. That’s unfortunate.”
Vivek added that he tries his best to bring in ‘new and fresh’ talent, and support new actors. He mentioned that during the course of the show Inside Edge, he requested Excel producers to put Richa Chadha’s name above his. “When I did this show (Inside Edge), for the small women empowerment story that I have in my head, I requested Excel (producers Excel Entertainment) to put Richa Chadha’s name above mine. Even though technically, I have been in the industry longer than her, I said ‘no let it be starring Richa Chadha and then Vivek Oberoi. That is fine’ and that is something I celebrate,” he said, adding that he ‘celebrates’ all his women colleagues.
“I celebrate Richa as a great actor and I am fortunate to have worked with her. That equanimity, that sense of doing away with all hierarchical structures and just being creative people having fun on sets, is what should drive it,” he said.
Vivek Oberoi made his debut with Company in 2002, and then went on to do films such as Saathiya, Shootout at Lokhandwala, and Omkara. Currently, he plays a significant role in the web show, Inside Edge.
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