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The pair reside in the Pakistani town of Dipalpur in Okara Tehsil. (Unsplash/Representative pic)
Love can conquer anything in the world, and now a couple in Pakistan has proved that love can bring two people together despite many differences. Their unique love story has gone viral on the internet and has left netizens delighted. It all started when Kishwar Sahiba, a female MBBS doctor, proposed to Shahzad, a housekeeping staff member at the same hospital. 
On the “Mera Pakistan” YouTube channel, the couple shared their unique love story. Speaking to YouTuber Harish Bhatti, the pair, who reside in the Pakistani town of Dipalpur in Okara Tehsil, revealed how they met and fell in love with each other despite facing a few challenges. 
Watch the video below: 

In the clip, Shahzad stated that he never even considered the possibility of such an event. Kishwar, on the other hand, mentioned how much she admired her husband’s personality. 
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Kishwar said that the first time she met Shahzad, he did not appear to be a “chaiwala (tea maker)” or a cleaner. She was struck by him because he used to run his own business and was so simple, she added. The doctor revealed that she proposed to Shahzad because she would not want to lose the possibility of wonderful marriage with him. She stated that she made all of her life’s decisions in just one day. 
Separately, Shahzad said that Kishwar gave him her heart, despite the fact that people usually marry based on class. Luck is the only factor in this, he stated. Further, he also went on to reveal how they two met and started talking to each other.
Shahzad said that he used to clean the rooms and serve tea at the offices of three doctors. One day Kishwar asked for his phone number, following which they started talking to each other. 
Kishwar then liked a post that Shahzad had posted on his Whatsapp status. And later that day, the doctor confessed her love to him by calling him to her hospital room, Shahzad said. He revealed that he was shocked at first as he couldn’t believe it. After hearing the proposal, he even got a fever. But he did go to see Kishwar afterwards. 
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In the clip, the couple said that after getting married, Kishwar left her job at the hospital since she had to put up with her friends’ taunting. The pair now plan to open a clinic nearby. They also operate a YouTube channel where they share every element of their lives.
Their heartwarming love story has left internet users delighted. One user wrote, “Amazing, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Another said, “wonderful love story lovely couple, while a third commented, “Beautiful couple”. 
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