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Adrianna Alejandro is a workout instructor at Blessed Body Fitness in Albany.
It’s a new beauty studio and LGBTQ+ friendly workout space where they use pole fitness to not only strengthen the body, but also the mind.
“We all feed off of each other’s happiness and accomplishments,” Alejandro said. “We really encourage each other.”
Alejandro began teaching others pole fitness a few years ago, after she realized the positive impact it had on her.
“It’s changed my life,” Alejandro said. “My self-esteem has skyrocketed. I’ve gotten so strong and I found out that I’ve gotten capable in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s helped me in other aspects of my life in putting myself out there, too.”
It’s part of a movement to provide more places to exercise besides conventional gyms.
“That’s what the owner did for me,” Alejandro said. “She gave me a safe space and supported me.”
Nicole Daniels owns the beauty/fitness studio in Albany that’s been helping people to see their beauty both inside and out.
“I thought it was very important to share this with people because this is something we don’t have up here,” said Daniels.
So far the new studio looks to be empowering people from all walks of life to give pole fitness a twirl.
There is also a wide range of beauty services to choose from at that location. They also host LGBTQ+ cycling classes at their second location.


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