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Talented actor Gourish Yeleti, who was seen in the web series Hawala is a fitness freak. The actor who will be seen in the upcoming film O Kala, talks about his fitness choices in a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com.
Here you go!!
Cheat Food:
I’m a Hyderabadi, so Mutton Biryani and Chicken 65
Favourite Exercise:
The purpose of exercise for you is:
A healthy lifestyle helps maintain a routine.
Fruit or juices: 
Smoothies with a mix of fruits and veggies
Stairs or lift:
Stairs, if I’m tired a lift
Your best morning routine will comprise of:
Warm water with a greens mix, lemon and honey
Your favourite lockdown exercise:
Push ups, jump squats and core exercises.
Yoga Or Weights:
I’d say a mix of both, but mostly weights with ample stretches.
Walking or Jogging:
Neither, I prefer swimming, it is the best exercise.
Your take on health supplements:
We must understand the need for them and only supplement the ones we cannot naturally gain from food easily.
Best way to burn calories:
To be actively moving around all day rather than fixating on one or two hours of workout
Your take on six-pack abs:
They’re more of a trophy for low-fat percentage which usually comes after a long-term effort of working out or trying to be fit in general.
Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:
Many actually: some being more flexible and agile, being able to do parkour
One tip for everyday fitness:
Irrespective of the time in the day find at least an hour to work out, could be morning or afternoon or night. Just squeeze in that hour for yourself and eat healthily.
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