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By Kristine Tarbert |
It might not necessarily feel like summer is coming yet (at least for those of us currently getting drenched on the east coast) but the outside pressure to 'get summer ready' is definitely already there.
And while what that means for everyone is completely different, there are a few universal mistakes many people make when it comes to embarking on a healthier lifestyle – at any time of the year.
"We do put too much pressure on ourselves. It's about progress not perfection," fitness guru Sam Wood said on the Today show.
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Sharing some of his top fitness and nutrition tips in the lead up to summer, Wood says the biggest mistake people make is they try to do too much too early and its not sustainable.
"It's all about being patient and starting out with baby steps," he says.
"Don't try and undo 10 years of bad health habits in two weeks."
Having recently welcomed his third child Harper with wife Snez (taking them up to a family of six), he knows all too well that finding time to fit in exercise can be challenging.
"I'm a big fan of working out in the morning, because life is crazy," he says, suggesting you "book you workout in as a calendar appointment".
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When it comes to nutrition, Wood says his philosophy is JERF: just eat real food.
"It sounds so simple but it actually works and summer is the perfect time to embrace that," he notes, stressing that 'crash diets' are a thing of the past.
"Just fill yourself up with wholefood and don't try to be perfect. If you want to have fish and chips on a Friday night, fine!"
You can watch the video in the player above for all of Sam Wood's fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing tips.
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