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It’s September, which means back to school and a return to our routines. It’s the perfect time to embrace those healthier habits you’ve wanted to have, by making them a part of your day now that summer is behind us.
This week, I’m bringing you my top tips on how to reset. From exercise to diet, I’m taking you through it all.
Summer can cause havoc on our normal routines. There’s more food, more relaxing and this year we were able to go abroad, which for many people was the first time in a couple of years.
While we’ve all enjoyed the great weather the last few months have brought, it can leave some people feeling guilty for not being as healthy as they may have wanted. This brings me to my number one tip and I think the best place to start when looking to reset.
Drawing a line in the sand, accepting we can’t change what we did is a must if you are going to form new habits. Life is for living and being hard on yourself will get you nowhere. So, accept that you enjoyed your summer, but decide that now is the time to get out of holiday mode and into September mode.
I also discuss how to get your eating back on track. There’s no need to go on fad diets or juice cleanses. Instead, make sure you are eating regularly, keeping your blood sugar nice and stable.

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