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The rapper and actor credits the sport of boxing for changing his life years ago. These days, he’s now using it for lifelong fitness – here’s how
Rapper Bugzy Malone, real name Aaron Davis, may be a musician and actor by profession, but don’t let that fool you: he has proper fitness credentials, too.
Malone boxed seriously for about four years in his youth, and at one point his trainer Brian Hughes, who died earlier this year and was known as the ‘Godfather of Manchester boxing’, believed he had what it takes to turn pro.
Ultimately that wasn’t his destiny, but, as he explains in the latest of our How I Build My Body video series, where Men’s Health takes a deep dive into the fitness routines of celebrities, boxing is still a sport he’s in love with. So much so, in fact, Malone says that boxing changed his life and taught him how to be a professional.
No surprise, then, that pugilism still takes up the lion’s share of Malone’s training time, and he starts his workout with skipping before jumping into ten three-minute rounds of boxing training.
The first few rounds, he explains, are reserved for shadow boxing, which he says “give you the opportunity to practice your technique”. Next, Malone wraps up his hands and puts on his boxing gloves for some rounds on the heavy bag. “Today, I’m going to be working on the jab,” says Malone. “The jab is the most important shot.
“I’m going to be working on the right hand. That’s your power punch. And I’m going to be working on the left hook. That’s my favourite punch.”
Once Malone’s rounds are complete, he makes his way to the weights room “to build some muscle.” The exercises he chooses are all designed to help his boxing, so he does press-ups, lateral raises, bicep curls and shoulder presses. “That’s just to create power around the chest and shoulder,” says Malone. “You use your shoulders a lot in boxing training.”
Malone finishes his workout with pull-ups, “another traditional boxing exercise,” he says. The exercise, he adds, “involve a lot of different muscle groups in the back and lats.”
HIBMB with Bugzy Malone was filmed at BXR City, which at 500ft up is the City of London’s highest gym.


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