'Raghu Ram' from 'Rowdies' meme is the director of web series Panchayat – The Indian Express

As Season 2 of Panchayat gets rave reviews, netizens have made an interesting discovery that has surprised the  web series’ fans
On Sunday, a Twitter user, @TheCineprism, tweeted that the man who acts as Raghu Ram in the famous ‘Rowdies’ meme is the director of Panchayat. 
In the now-viral tweet, @TheCineprism shared a screen grab of the iconic spoof video wrote, “Remember this guy? He’s Deepak Kumar Mishra the director of Panchayat. #panchayat2” (sic). 
Remember this guy? He’s Deepak Kumar Mishra the director of Panchayat. #panchayat2 pic.twitter.com/YAr2tQa19p
— La Cinéphile (@TheCineprism) May 22, 2022
Commenting on this tweet, a Twitter user wrote, “His abusive monologue in rowdies made me laugh for the longest time!” Another person remarked, “Better actor than most bollywood actors”. 
Also directed second season of permanent roommates pic.twitter.com/hsuYRfMfKF
— Nikhil (@Nick_2310_) May 22, 2022
Also acted in Kota Factory S1E1 opening scene pic.twitter.com/fZ0iiojmpF
— Gareeb Joker (@badoombaa) May 22, 2022
Are You Stunned ?
— ☭ PM Comrade Doge ☭ (@chormondor) May 22, 2022
He also played the role of electrician in season 1 pic.twitter.com/NEsvCMz0j6
— Shub (@Sh_uub) May 22, 2022
He is the guy who was agent in Permanent Roomates by TVF
— Mohit (@MohitMMishra3) May 23, 2022
— Shashank singh (@chickensha2nk) May 22, 2022
Like this dude since permanent roommate 🙌🙌
— keval lathiya (@Tony_stark733) May 22, 2022
Always Remember 👍 pic.twitter.com/2oJkdc2dE4
— Sumit (@sumitz_) May 23, 2022
Soon many people also remarked that Mishra has appeared in several small roles across The Viral Fever productions. 
Before directing Panchayat, Mishra worked in several popular web series like Permanent Roommates, Kota Factory, and Humorously Yours. He is also the creative director at The Viral Fever
His parody role as Raghu Ram, in a spoof video of the superhit reality show MTV Roadies, made him the subject of many memes. 
The 11-minute video that poked fun at Roadies’s grilling audition rounds was released by The Viral Fever on their YouTube page in February 2012. It has gathered over two crore views till now.
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