Racine Roundup on TMJ4: City of Burlington's new logo, Best of the Best Apple Orchards launches, and Reads by the River – Racine County Eye

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The Racine Roundup aired on TMJ4 during the 4 p.m. news on Thursday, Aug. 25. web editor, Loren Lamoreaux, at the Racine County Eye, discussed various stories with TMJ4’s anchor Symone Woolridge on the newscast. 
During the segment, Lamoreaux discussed the change that the City of Burlington is seeing with its branding and logo. They are moving away from their Chocolate City USA identity and starting fresh with a logo that represents the housing, agriculture, and environment just west of the Interstate. Read this story on Racine County Eye.
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Speaking of West of the I, there’s a handful of Apple Orchards that operate on farms that way. Lamoreaux shared with those tuning in the launch of a new Best of the Best contest hosted by the Racine County Eye. The Best of the Best Apple Orchards in Southeastern Wisconsin will kick off their nominations on Aug. 29. Learn about how you can get your favorite orchards on the board by reading more.
The segment closed out discussing the Racine County Eye’s Business Spotlight: Reads by the River. The cozy book store and gift shop is nestled in Historic Downtown Waterford. They provide a local selection of books and true classics!
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The following stories were featured:
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