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Does the fathers diet affect the baby- A woman who is planning to become a frequent mother or a new mother is advised to pay special attention to her health and diet. But do you know that it is not only necessary for the mother to be healthy to give birth to a healthy child, it is also important for the father of the child to be healthy as much as the mother. In this way, let us know what things you should keep in mind regarding your diet to become a healthy father.
Why take zinc –
If you want to become a father soon, then definitely include zinc in your diet. Zinc rich foods include whole grains, nuts, seeds etc. Milk contains good amount of zinc, you should drink one glass of milk daily.
Increase the amount of folate in the diet-
Folate i.e. B9, if you are planning to become a father then you must increase the amount of folate in your diet. For this you should increase green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, spinach in your diet, apart from this you can also eat sprouts.
When planning to become a father, you should include antioxidants in your diet two to three months before. You can also take supplements of antioxidants if you want but try to get less from natural foods.
Include Vitamin D in Diet
If you are planning to become a father, you should also consume vitamin D. Talking about vitamin D rich foods you can add dairy products, soy milk, cottage cheese, egg yolk in your diet. You can also drink orange juice in breakfast to get vitamin D.
These healthy habits will also help-
-Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
-You should also avoid consuming too much tea or coffee.
-You should also include vitamin E and C in your diet.
-You should stay away from electronic gadgets.
-Keep away from smoking and alcohol, it affects sperm quality. – Consumption of alcohol affects the level of testosterone hormone.
-Among low-fat dairy products, you can take curd and toned milk.
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