Pankaj Tripathi Birthday: 5 unconventional roles that make him the finest actor in Bollywood – India TV News

5 Best roles played by Pankaj Tripathi | Birthday Special
One role that changed Pankaj Tripathi’s life is in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur. He played Sultan Qureshi.
Pankaj sets a benchmark with each of his performances. His character of Kaleen Bhaiya in ‘Mirzapur’ is worth the watch.
Pankaj Tripathi nailed the toughest role of Guruji in ‘Sacred Games’ and received so much acclaim for it.
Pankaj’s role as Aatma Singh in Newton won him the National Film Award, along with the Oscars nomination.
Pankaj Tripathi played Rahul Satyendra aka Sattu Bhaiya in ‘Ludo’ and stole the show with his impeccable acting skills.
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