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Do you think just hair colouring, chemical-laced hair treatments or use of heat on hair are the only things that can damage your hair? Your hair could even get damaged while you sleep at night! Surprised? Well, just as you pamper your skin before going to bed, you should have a night hair care routine too! How you treat your hair while you sleep might have an impact on its appearance and health. So, know about the dos and don’ts that you should take care of for your hair’s sake before sleeping.
Dermatologist Dr Ramya Garlapati shared these hair care tips that are a must to follow before going to bed, via Instagram.
This can cause hair damage as wet hair is fragile and more prone to breakage. When our hair is wet, our hair follicles are most vulnerable. When you sleep with wet hair, the water and natural oils are absorbed into the pillow, leaving your hair dry, lifeless, and lacking in hydration. Due to this, your hair becomes brittle and may fall out or have a dry, unruly texture.
There’s also a higher chance of fungal infections as the moist warm environment created between wet hair and a damp pillow can be a breeding ground for yeast, which is further associated with dandruff. You are more likely to get a scalp fungus infection as a result. Thus, it is best to sleep with dry hair.⁣
You may not be aware of it, but normal tossing and turning while you sleep pulls your hair and can eventually break it. Hair breakage is decreased when your hair is kept in braids because less friction exists between your hair and the pillow. So, it always better to make a loose braid before you go to sleep. This won’t harm your hair at night and keep them voluminous and strong.
A silk pillowcase can help hair maintain moisture from products and natural oils and decrease friction that could cause knots and breakage. The advantage of a silk pillowcase is most noticeable for hair.
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They have a silky-smooth fabric that makes it easier for hair to glide across the surface. For those with curly hair, this is best for you as it reduces frizz!
Lastly, much like your skin, your hair also has to be taken care of. So, include a night hair care routine. It won’t be enough to simply wash and oil your hair for them to look flawless. To have the hair of your dreams, you must also take some significant steps.
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