Only sharp eyes can spot apples in this optical illusion – New York Post

You say tomato, I say apple.
This produce-based perception puzzle, created by Hungarian illusion maven Gergely Dudás, aka the Dudolf, specifically challenges brain teaser buffs to find the three apples hidden in a sea of tomatoes.
Picking apples from tomatoes might seem easy in real life. However, that’s not the cause with this for-hidden fruit seek-and-find challenge, in which the salad toppers are the exact same shape and coloration as the celebrated doctor deterrents.
Take one more close look. See any apples?
Still can’t differentiate the Beefsteaks from the Red Delicious? Fortunately for stumped puzzlers, the legendary Dudás has provided a handy answer key showing the whereabouts of the tomato-aping apples.


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