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Several underlying conditions and environmental factors lead to excessive hair loss among men and women
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Having long, healthy, and beautiful hair is a dream for several people. However, due to several underlying conditions and factors, people tend to lose a lot of hair and further end up with baldness at a very young age.
There are several reasons including medicines, bad scalp health, fungal conditions, certain diseases, and nutritional deficiencies for excessive hair loss. Luckily, there are products as well as treatment options available in the market that can be used for treating such hair conditions.
People are also ready to invest huge amounts of money for gaining back their beautiful tresses. For those who want to go all natural and further avoid excessive chemical treatment on their hair, a variety of natural treatments also exists for dealing with hair fall.
We have suggested certain tips that can be adopted to help regrow hair naturally. Read the following details if you are among the ones suffering from excessive hair loss.
Scalp massage
Regular scalp massages not only relax a person but also improves blood circulation and strengthens the hair from the roots. In this case, you may take any oil of your choice and further massage your scalp multiple times a week. This will also help in encouraging a good sleep cycle and promoting healthy hair growth.
Trim your hair
In order to achieve long and beautiful hair, people often avoid trimming their hair ends at regular intervals and further end up with split ends. However, this eventually leads to hair thinning and breakage. This in turn, stops hair growth at a certain level and prevents it from growing further. In such situations, people are advised to trim their hair regularly to boost hair growth.
Check nutrient intake
Just like our body, our hair also needs nutrients to boost growth. Along with protein, you also need to consume an adequate amount of vitamins for boosting hair growth. Some of the items that can be included in one’s diet are spinach, egg yolk, bananas, raisins, fish, guava, and nuts.
Avoid excessive heat exposure
While people have resorted to more options for hair styling, including practices that cause hair to be exposed to excessive heat regularly, this has also taken a toll on hair health. Consider going natural as much as possible. After shampooing, one must allow wet hair to dry as naturally as possible without the use of a hair dryer. Also, there must be limited use of other hair styling equipment.
Reduce use of chemicals on hair
The market is full of hair products that promise to give healthy and lustrous tresses to people and eventually many get tempted by these. People end up buying many products and experimenting with them to get the desired outcome. However, such practices can also cause damage to the scalp and hair length. Instead, one can opt for natural items like aloe vera, amla, neem, coconut oil, and rice water to make hair masks.
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