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Last Updated: September 06, 2022, 19:16 IST
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Skin problems can emerge even if wet clothes are worn for an extended period of time.
Don’t we all love dancing to some classic Bollywood songs on our terrace while it’s raining? However, this rain dance, rife with joy, can go wrong if you contract any kind of infection. Generally, during monsoon the risk of skin infections goes up.
According to Faridabad based dermatologist Dr Sandeep Babbar, humidity rises during the monsoon season and it causes people to sweat more. As a result, people become more prone to fungal infection, ringworm, prickly heat and allergies. During monsoon as the moisture and humidity increase in air, it becomes conducive for bacteria and viruses to thrive. When you get wet in the rain, your skin comes in contact with germs and other particles. This may result in skin infection.
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Skin problems can emerge even if wet clothes are worn for an extended period of time. The problem of acne can also worsen if dust and pollutants stay on your face for a long time.
To enjoy the monsoon to the fullest, follow these simple tips as suggested by Dr Babbar.
1. After getting drenched in rain, take a bath with clean water as soon as possible. Wash your body thoroughly. Apply some moisturiser after pat drying your body. This will keep the skin healthy.
2. Before heading out to enjoy the rain, apply oil to your body. It will help your skin against dryness.
3. To get rid of acne, keep your face clean every day. For this, wash your face twice or thrice a day with a suitable face wash. You can apply a lotion on your face as suitable to your skin type.
4. To avoid fungal infections, you can use an antifungal cream or antifungal dusting powder.
5. In order to avoid hair fall don’t keep your hair wet for long after getting drenched in rain. Massage your hair, as well as the scalp, with coconut oil twice a week.
The best way to enjoy rain during the monsoon is to keep germs at bay. Hands are the most common transporter of germs and diseases, so wash them frequently with soap and keep them clean. You can reduce the spread of viruses by keeping your hands clean. Also, use hand sanitisers, if necessary. Before and after eating, do not forget to wash your hands.
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