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When Little Things started as a show on YouTube, the scope of the OTT space was still unknown in India. So when the series got picked up by Netflix for its subsequent seasons, it was evident that the world of Dhruv and Kavya had found its audience. Little Things’ last season on Netflix ended with them getting engaged but the two characters are coming back in a prequel series for an Audible Original titled Little Things: Jab Dhruv Met Kavya. The show tells the story of how these two met and fell in love. Listeners can expect to get to know the story that happened before we saw these two characters in the first season.
In a chat with, Dhruv Sehgal, playing Dhruv, and Mithila Palkar, playing Kavya, spoke about how this show is “something similar, but also something different.” Dhruv shared, “It’s a show about how the two of them met so it’s actually cuter and more innocent in a way. It’s the same story told in a different format but you feel like there is some freshness to it. Also because you just hear so you can imagine more.” The actor-director added that everyone who has loved the show has their own version of Little Things so while listening to this “everyone is a director in a way because we are just giving you material to imagine.”
The story here is told in a radio-play kind of format where the characters are in the situation as it is happening to them. “It’s a narrative. It is not us looking back, it is us in that particular time,” he said. Mithila added, “It is like a radio play. It’s not a reminiscing or a telling of a story.”
A big part of the success of Little Things is the chemistry between Dhruv and Kavya on the show so we asked the actors how they translated that chemistry in an audio-only format. Dhruv shared that since he and Mithila know each other as actors so well, and are one with their characters, he never felt like something was amiss. He added, “We did record a few sessions together of course. In fact, we did record a few days together. So while you are doing it. I think both of us felt as if it is similar only. There is not much difference.”
Mithila, who has appeared in many web series and films since then, said that she knows Kavya so well that she can start being her even if someone woke her up in the middle of the night and that kind of confidence in her character, helped her take control of how she was going to perform it for the audio version. “If you wake us up in the middle of the night and say you have to play Dhruv and Kavya in whatever form, I think it will come naturally to us because they are a part of us somehow. Personally, I find that even if it is to dub for a character that I have acted in, I find acting with voice very difficult. But it was amazing how easy it was with Kavya because I took ownership of her and said ‘I know what she sounds like’,” she said.
Mithila mentioned that the moment the visual element of storytelling is removed, one’s acting is completely just dependent on their voice. “The minute you lose the visual medium, people are just going to hear you. If you are seeing me, I talk a lot with my hands, or facial expressions and with this, you are only dependent on the voice. So I feel like as a medium, for me personally, it was challenging but as far as playing Dhruv and Kavya is concerned, I think that way we were quite in sync and we usually have been as co-actors.”
Since Little Things was one of the early Indian shows that developed a following on the internet, Dhruv said that the show left an emotional mark on its audience. “That’s what happens with shows that actually leave a mark and I’m not saying creatively, intellectually or business-wise, they leave a mark emotionally on people. Whether they are from the US like Friends or The Office or Sopranos, or from India like Permanent Roommates, or Little Things, or Sacred Games, they have become a part of someone’s daily narrative or like a Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, they become a part of everyday life,” he said.
Little Things: Jab Dhruv Met Kavya is streaming on Audible.
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