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May 12, 2022
Experience the authentic living in Kerala onboard a kettuvallam – a traditional houseboat popular in the scenic backwaters of Kerala.
Morungs were traditional Naga youth dormitories where the unmarried young men socialised. Try Shalom Resort to experience these morung stays.
Also the first Igloo stay in India, Manali’s igloo stays are as quirky as they come. Surprisingly comfortable, these stays are a must-try.
Houses on stilts. It can’t get more traditional than that. Experience how traditional Assamese communities live in these stilt houses made of bamboo, wood and thatch.
Traditional cottages made of packed mud and bamboo will take you back to basics.
While visiting Kutch, make sure to stay a night or two at these traditional circular mud houses. These are unique to the Kutch region.
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