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Actor Krishnam Raju lived for 83 years. He lived healthily and happily throughout his life except for the last one or two years where he kept on facing health issues and hospitalizations. 
But still living for 83 is a good innings as a human being. Many wonder what food regimen he might have followed and what sort of health care he might have taken. 
Surprisingly, he never believed in dieting throughout his life. He has been a foodie and an avid non veg eater.
He was also a regular consumer of alcohol. Even till the fag end of his life he never missed anything. Adding to this, he was also not a big fitness freak at any time in his life. 
Krishnam Raju stands as a rare example for living life king size without any inhibitions. This may not be a role model aspect to follow by everyone but this is only to say that  it is not true that one can live beyond 80 only by strict food regimen. 
In fact, there may be an argument that he might have lived 93 had he followed a strict diet, exercise and habits. In fact the actor AVS was a teetotaler and careful eater but died of liver disease.
We have seen what had happened to the actors like Puneet Rajkumar who led life as per some set of rules and hard work. 
The bottomline is that the health rules cannot be generalized by everyone but they have to be customized as per one's constitution, if needed. Medical Science may need to work towards being more customized than generalized.
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