Kangana Ranaut's remark against Bollywood's nepotism is well-taken. But she needs to look for better similes – The Indian Express

Who can quarrel with Kangana Ranaut over nepotism. Even her worst detractor, who is revolted by her pushing the victim card beyond its snapping point, would agree that Bollywood’s enfant terrible does the right thing by excoriating the industry’s hallowed circle for its casting choices and discriminating against outsiders. So, when Ranaut pitched into the recent debate on the north-south contest in the country’s tinseldom with a dig at Hindi cinema’s star kids, it seemed par for the course. “Dekhne me ajeeb se lagte hain jaise uble hue ande,” (they look weird, like boiled eggs) she reportedly said. Now that’s no way to refer to your colleagues — however, untalented. Body shaming aside, Ranaut also seems to have got her ande ka funda wrong — the charms of the boiled egg seem to have eluded her.
Agreed, it’s easy to go wrong with a boiled egg. From Julia Child to the newest cooking counsellor on the internet, advice — often conflicting — abounds on how to avoid rubbery whites, stuck-on shells or overcooked yolks. But ask those vendors with a pushcart or a tripod stand who are usually to be found close to bus stops, railways stations or even booze shops. For decades they have been getting the yolks buttery and sweet and the casing, pearly white. Sliced and tossed with chopped onions, coriander leaves, a dash of salt and pepper, and a bit of cumin powder, it makes for a snack that has revived the spirits of countless students, weary travellers and officer goers across generations.
Who can resist the pull of a hard-boiled egg with a spicy deep-fried coating of minced meat, dusted in flour and deep-fried till crispy? Call it by any name — Dimer Devil or Scotch Egg or the rich-gravy-laden Nargisi kofta. Or simply cook it in a pot with onions fried till brown, add tomatoes and your choice of spice and have them with appams, rotis, or parathas. Trust us, Kangana next time, you will look for a better simile for “weird” Bollywood babas and babies.
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