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Joe Rogan is one of the most famous combat sports personalities on the planet. The UFC commentator also hosts one of the most popular podcasts. His ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast covers everything under the sun. However, the American doesn’t shy to make unfiltered remarks on it. In one of his recent podcasts, Joe Rogan commented on the social media influencer on the rise- Liver King.
While his ripped physique has earned followers throughout the globe, the UFC commentator is not a believer. Actually, Joe Rogan admitted that he was unable to wrap his head around the unbelievable physique of the influencer.
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Subsequently, he denied acknowledging that it was a natural body. This led the Liver King to come out with a response to the claims made by Joe Rogan.
The viral internet sensation, Brian Johnson aka Liver King, is a believer in nine ancestral tenets. The influencer is a stern believer in turning the clock back and living an ancestral life. Also, he advocates an all-raw meat diet which he himself consumes.
In episode #171 of ‘The Diary Of A CEO’, the internet sensation supportingly took the remarks made by Joe Rogan. Further, he thanked Rogan for providing him with the required publicity, which he himself couldn’t have achieved.
Liver King expressed that he was on cloud nine when entered the UFC commentator’s “ecosystem“. He described that this sudden outburst of publicity provided him an opportunity to engage deeper with the idea.
Thus, he said about Rogan, “I think it’s dangerous when somebody points a finger and has a self-limiting belief about themselves or somebody else or anything for that matter.”
Further, he went ahead to assert that nobody did what he has done for decades. Thus, he stated, “Nobody lives the way that I live.”
Conversely, the Liver King openly disclosed his desire to attend Rogan’s podcast as a guest.
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On the same note, he addressed Rogan’s ‘steroid’ remarks. He concluded, “Number one I don’t do it[steriods] and number two, what I want you to say is ‘you know what, I don’t know’.”
In JRE #1842, the former Fear Factor host welcomed Dr. Andrew Huberman. On the same podcast, he made his concerns vocal about Liver King’s insane physique.
Hence, he admitted that the Liver King drove him nuts and further claimed that the Liver King was on steroids. While Rogan acknowledged that Liver King is eating healthy and protein-rich raw organs, he also was dodging the main bullet.
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Further, Rogan declared that Liver King belonged to a very rare genetical pool of “.000001% of human population”.
However, this was not the end of the back-and-forth remarks between the two. The UFC commentator, in episode #1879 of the JRE, took a subtle jibe at the influencer. Thus, he said“I’m on testosterone, unlike the Liver King. I’ll tell you the truth.”
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What do you think of Liver King’s return jibe at Joe Rogan? Let us know in the comments below.
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