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Image: Pixabay
Instagram has recently released a feature that allows users to like the Stories posted by other users. As the feature has already been rolled out to a large number of devices, users should now be able to see a heart icon at the bottom right corner of the display while viewing a Story on Instagram. However, that is not all. Instagram is also working on other features that will enable users to interact with stories in a better way. 
Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot from his Twitter account on 26 March 2022, saying that Instagram is working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages. The screenshot shows quick reactions at the centre of the display. At the bottom right corner of the display is a microphone icon, suggesting that users might be able to react to Instagram Stories with the help of voice recordings in the future. 
#Instagram is working on the ability to reply to Stories with voice messages 👀
Such a feature could be very useful for those who want to reply to an Instagram Story but do not wish to type. Scenarios, where users want to send a quick voice reaction or wish to discuss something in detail, are where the feature can be used. Until now, users have reacted to Instagram stories with the help of eight quick reactions, text messages, a GIF or the recently launched heart reaction. 
In related news, Instagram recently announced a new feature that lets streamers add moderators. An Instagram live stream moderator will have the ability to turn off comments, remove a specific viewer or multiple viewers from the live stream or report any inappropriate or abusive comments. Creators on Instagram have been waiting for this feature for a long time. For reference, Instagram Live has been around for over five years now. 
Meanwhile, a lot of other platforms like YouTube, Twitch and even Clubhouse supports moderators as well. It is important to note that Facebook, which used to be Instagram’s parent company (now functioning as a sister company under Meta) allows users to add mods to live streams as well. These mods have additional tools over regular viewers of a live stream as they can remove, report or turn off comments. 


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