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Instagram’s stories is perhaps one of the app’s most used features along with Reels. However, despite the whole point of Stories being to tell your followers what you’ve been up to all day, some people abuse the feature and spam many stories with every teeny tiny update from their day-to-day lives.
This can be a pain through go through if you’re tapping through all your friend’s Stories to see what’s going on, only to find that the Stories of that one user just won’t end. However, Instagram has begun taking care of this with a new ‘Show all’ button.
With the new feature, if a user posts too many stories, viewers will only see the first three of the lot and the rest will be hidden. Those interested in watching the full platter will be able to do so by clicking on a new ‘Show all’ button, or else they will simply land on the next Instagram user’s Stories.
Brazilian Twitter user Phil Ricelle (@philricele) showed the new feature in action in a recent tweet. Check it out below.
Olha só como está. Pra ver todos tem de clicar no “Mostrar tudo”
— Phil Ricelle (@philricelle) May 17, 2022
The feature seems to be rolling out only to select Brazilian users, suggesting that the new implementation is simply being tested right now. Once Instagram gets a positive feedback, if that happens, we can expect to see the change roll out to more regions including India.
If the feature rolls out to all users, users and especially creators will have to be careful about the first three stories they put up, and we may see new strategies that pull in people from the first three stories to the other ones via the ‘Show all’ button.
As of right now, Instagram users can post up to 100 stories in a row. Whether that limit itself will change with the implementation of the ‘Show all’ button, remains to be seen.
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