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Including 2022’s biggest fitness trends, plus your introduction to the Men’s Health SQUAD
This time of year can often feel overwhelming. As December turns to January, we find ourselves bombarded by a multitude of wellbeing messages from newspapers, magazines, TV ads, text alerts, sponsored social posts, email marketing and influencers. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has an ideology.
The Men’s Health SQUAD exists to address this, cutting through the background noise. With our newly assembled team – made up of the fitness industry’s smartest, most inspiring and hardest-working trainers – we’re here to deliver actionable information via one authoritative and supportive voice.
By becoming a member of the Men’s Health Squad, you’ll receive instant access to training plans, video content and hands-on support while working towards your goals. Want a taster? You can learn more about your new coaches with our 18-page training and nutrition special, inside MH‘s bumper January issue, on sale now.
What do you want to get out of 2022? Better performance? Better appearance? Hell, do you just want to feel better? Whatever your goal, you’re going to want to join our team and start realising your potential. We’ve got you.
Trying to predict the future is a mug’s game, as sci-fi author Douglas Adams famously wrote. But, as he also clarified, it’s a game we must all play because the world is changing so fast. So fast, in fact, that we’ll be living in the future soon, and ‘probably next week’. Fortunately, MH has improved the odds by recruiting a team of fit soothsayers. Here are their insights.
Dark mornings, drizzly weather and a return to more abstemious habits are enough to leave anyone feeling lethargic. But a few simple changes to your daily routine can restock your energy reserves and inject vital firepower. Consider this your wake-up call.
If you don’t know Jacob Elordi, you soon will. With a hot TV series, a new film and a string of famous exes, the 24-year-old Euphoria actor is only getting bigger. And he’s happy about it. Sort of. Maybe…
From lean meat and greens to your morning eggs and post-workout shake, our 28 goal-focused, chef-created meals won’t leave you wanting.


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