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December 9, 2021
Andrew Romero
– Dec. 9th 2021 4:03 pm PT

Generally, sharing a simple link works really well when you want to send a webpage to someone or even yourself to save it for later. Alternatively, the share button in Google Chrome on desktop and Android offers some great tools for sharing web pages. Here’s how you can get started.

Google Chrome has an absolute slew of features to offer its users. One, in particular, is the newly expanded share button. The share button allows you to send different versions of the web page to yourself and others, depending on your needs. We’ll go through all of them.
In Google Chrome on desktop, the share button is located in a very convenient spot. Look for the address bar at the top of the browser. On the very far right, you’ll find a small share icon located next to the bookmark button.
If you click on the share button, a few options will drop down. These options are:
The option to copy the link accomplishes the same thing as highlighting the web address, right-clicking, and copying the text. Hitting “Copy link” will automatically copy the address to your clipboard for later use.
The next option is a pretty neat one. It takes copying the link and trying to send it to yourself out of the picture. This option will let you choose between the devices that have Chrome installed on them and let you send the link directly to that device through Google Chrome. Here’s how to do it:
Another great option for link sharing is to create a QR code that can be scanned with most camera apps. When a QR code is visible, just point your open camera at the image and you’ll be prompted almost instantly to open the decoded link. It’s fast and effective, especially if you want to get a link to your phone from Google Chrome on desktop. Here’s how to do it:
Most proprietary camera apps will recognize QR codes very easily. If not, there are dozens of QR code reader apps in the Google Play Store available for download.
On Android devices, Google Chrome has the same sort of feature available for sharing web pages with either yourself or a friend/colleague. While Google Chrome on desktop houses a few great link-sharing options, Chrome on Android packs a little more in terms of sharing methods.
As mentioned, the share button for Google Chrome on Android has a little more to it than on the desktop variant. Not only do you have a “Copy link” button, but you also have a couple of screenshot buttons to capture everything on your screen and more. Here’s where you can find the share button in Google Chrome for Android:
Here you’ll see several different share options. First, you can share a link to eligible apps such as Telegram and Slack. Alternatively, you can opt to share either a screenshot or the link itself. Tapping on Screenshot or Long Screenshot will let you preview an image to edit and then send. If you hit Copy link, the URL will be copied and put into your clipboard until you’re ready to paste it.
Very similar to Google Chrome on desktop, the mobile Android version can send web pages to your other devices. These devices must have an instance of Chrome installed and you have to be logged in with the same account. Here’s how to do it:
Very similarly to the desktop version, a notification will appear on the device you send a link to. If you are sending to desktop, Chrome must be opened for a pop-up to appear in the top-right of the screen. If you are sending to another Android device, you will likely receive a notification even if Chrome isn’t open. If not, open Chrome on the receiving device and try again.
Again, QR codes are fantastic for getting links between devices or sending. Either way, they definitely have their place. Here’s how to create and send one:
Whether you’re sharing on Android or a desktop, Google Chrome has a few helpful options for you. Who knows, this might help you avoid copying and pasting a link into an email to yourself just to open a web page on another device. I know I’m guilty of it. Either way, Google Chrome’s share button options should prove helpful.
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