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After Microsoft’s Internet Explorer retired Wednesday after 27 years, dairy brand Amul shared a topical as a farewell to the browser.
The topical featuring the Amul girl sitting and surfing mentioned the 1973 song, “Tera mujhse hai pehla ka internaata koi!” It also said, “Macro soft butter!”
The tribute won hearts online. A user commented, “Nice gracefully grateful tribute True #IndianEthos by #Amul @Microsoft @Windows @windowsblog @BillGates @pewinternet @nasscom #InternetExplorerShutDown #InternetExplorer thanks!”
#Amul Topical: Internet Explorer retires after 27 years…
— (@Amul_Coop) June 16, 2022
Nice gracefully grateful tribute True #IndianEthos by #Amul @Microsoft @Windows @windowsblog @BillGates @pewinternet @nasscom #InternetExplorerShutDown #InternetExplorer thanks !
— hemant anant sant (@EmpathyInnovate) June 16, 2022
Nostalgic internet users also came up with memes on social media, some of which mocked the end of the browser.
Last year, Microsoft had announced that IE services would end on June 15, 2022. The first version of IE was released in 1995, the era of web surfing dominated by Netscape Navigator, according to the Associated Press.
Microsoft has announced that users will be redirected to its Edge browser over the few months. IE mode would be supported in Microsoft Edge through at least 2029.
A blog post by Sean Lyndersay, General Manager, Microsoft Edge Enterprise noted that the product was not par with the times. It said that the product has a reputation of one “from an older era—quirky in behaviour and lacking the security of a modern browser.”
The application has joined the bandwagon of BlackBerry phones, dial-up modems, and Palm Pilots which have been phased out.
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