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Google is rolling out new layouts for the top stories section of the Google Search results. This includes not just the box carousel at the top but also double deckers, large image story with smaller image stories, and more variations.
Google tested some of these variations a year ago and also on mobile over a year ago.
Here are some screenshots from Twitter:
click for full size
click for full size
Here are more:

New Layout for “Top Stories” in Desktop SERPs @rustybrick @brodieseo
I believe some of this was demoed at the Search On event but not yet released – I personally cannot replicate this yet.
Forum discussion at Twitter.
Update: I can now replicate this myself:

I am seeing the new Google Top Stories layout now
Update 2: Confirmed with Google, Google told us “We’re always working to make it easier for people to dive into the most useful, timely articles available through Search to help them form a better understanding of the world and the topics they care about most. This newly launched feature is the desktop version of the Top Stories experience you can already find on mobile. The desktop version will be available globally.”
Update 3: A day later Google announced it on Twitter:

Now, when there are multiple stories related to your search, we’ll organize results by story so it’s easier to understand what’s most relevant and you can make a more informed decision on which specific articles to explore. Here’s what that looks like:

We initially rolled out this new way of viewing news on Google Search in 2019 on mobile. Now people who search on desktop globally will get this new experience. Learn more about the technology behind this update ⬇️ 4/
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