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Did you need to know how many people liked this story on Google Discovery?
Google continues to tinker with how it lets users tailor the stories they see on their Discover feed: first, it was a “slider” button; then came an actual binary “slider” indicating whether someone wanted to see more or less of that type of story; nowadays, it’s become the ubiquitous “like” heart icon. The next natural step? Putting a number next to it.
If you don’t regularly partake in the Discovery feed, it’s the left-most home screen pane for many Android users which features a Google search bar at the top, some local weather information, and a list of news articles ideally aligned with the user’s interests.
Some users are now seeing a tally showing how many other people have liked the story.
Whether a tally on one vertical alone increases people’s tendency to engage with the “like” button will depend on other dynamics — on Twitter and YouTube, there’s the concept of “ratioing” where users weigh against liking content in favor of an alternate engagement indicator to show their disapproval. But that’s a thesis to be written.
In the meantime, we have this live experiment instead.
Thanks: @WhatADayDomi
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