Fitness is not only about having six-pack abs: Achal Tankwal – IWMBuzz

Achal Tankwal who is presently seen in Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer works a lot on his body and aims to keep himself fit and healthy.
In a candid chat with, Achal talks about his fitness choices.
Check them here.
Cheat Food:
I hardly consume junk food, but I love Rasmalai and Rabdi
Favourite Exercise:
I am not a gym freak but I love to do cardio sessions
The purpose of exercise for you is:
It boosts my confidence and gives me the energy to go the extra mile
Fruit or juices: 
I prefer juices
Stairs or lift:
Depends on the number of floors and the energy level of my body at that time. If there are not more than two floors, I will take the stairs. If I have had a leg day, I will prefer to use the lift.
Your best morning routine will comprise of:
Exercise, reading and meditation ✨
Your favourite lockdown exercise:
Surya Namaskar
Yoga Or Weights: 
Both works differently, so I would say both
Walking or Jogging:
Your take on health supplements:
In my supplement stock, I only consume 2 things – Protein powder and multivitamins
Best way to burn calories:
Running, running and running 🔥
Your take on 6 pack abs:
If it’s required in your profession or if it can give some edge in work then one must go for it…! But fitness is not only about having 6 packs…!
Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:
To stay confident and look young 😅
One tip for everyday fitness:
Don’t skip your workout 😎
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