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From Live online fitness classes to the best diet plans for your healthy routine, here's what these apps have to offer…
It’s almost a month into the new year and if you still haven’t figured out your perfect routine for your 2022 fitness goals, here’s what you can do. With the pandemic putting us back within the four walls, we have been keeping away from the gyms. The only way to achieve our goals is through a proactive home workout routine. We collate these amazing fitness apps which will improve your fitness regime and lifestyle this year. Check out these apps for the best fitness and diet plans.

Cult. fit
This popular brand provides you with all the fitness and health services in one place. You can join the community of fitness enthusiasts and engage in conversations over health and diet. They cater their services to people of all age groups. Their facilities range from live fitness classes, yoga sessions, intense boxing classes, Pilates, HIIT, meditation and online consultation with medical professionals. They also offer mental health care services. You can achieve your fitness goals from certified trainers in the industry. They monitor your progress with the help of live energy metres, leader boards, class ranking and more, along with the feedback. You can also access recorded DIY sessions and fitness equipment. Their AI trainer service will help you with a personalised workout plan as well. 
Alpha Coach
This app is specially designed for busy individuals who are looking for a user-friendly and easy-to-use app. They provide well-researched diet plans, a customised exercise regimen and an in-app chat option to connect with their team of certified trainers. Their wellness tracker and advanced analytics help towards a hyper-personalised approach. You can also personally connect with the trainer for detailed feedback. The app also has a daily success checklist for self-monitoring and tracking as well. 

Fittr promises to deliver holistic fitness to its users. You can fulfil your fitness goals through fun activities, daily or weekly challenges and more. Their team of 500+ expert coaches provide personal coaching ranging from fitness and nutrition, strength and conditioning, boxing, callisthenics, martial arts, yoga or Zumba. They have a community feature for all users to connect and share their success stories. Through their free access, they offer personalised diet plans from health experts and training tools.
You can also take part in their daily challenges and post your success stories in the community feature. The biometrics like water intake, calorie count, nutrient- intake get monitored by the trainers and dieticians. You can also learn more about healthy food recipes from their community groups. 

This wellness app has a comprehensive tracker that will help you keep a tab on your lifestyle and eating habits while you are busy with your everyday hustle. You can enjoy daily tasks filled with fun with their smart digital coach. It is a great app for people who aim to lose weight this year. It has an automated calorie tracker that will help break down the micronutrients you consume on a daily basis. The app allows you to connect with certified trainers, dieticians and yoga coaches for better results. They have interactive health communities that guide you in a better way. Apart from these, you can enjoy customised diet and workout plans
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