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Chris Hemsworth’s Thor diet and fitness routine aren’t for the faint-hearted, as one might assume. After all, the Marvel superhero is intended to be bigger than life, thus some serious muscular development is practically required. You’d be correct if you assumed Hemsworth ate a lot of healthy things before the shoot.
After all, according to fitness guru Luke Zocchi, “eating is more important than exercising.” Chris Hemsworth’s diet plan, on the other hand, is as much about the “when” as it is about the “what.” In particular, Zocchi had Hemsworth on an extremely strict regimen, requiring him to eat six times a day, every two to three hours.
And we’re not talking about snacks here; we’re talking about a lot of calories. The actor would then use the calories to build muscle in the gym. While it may appear like consuming a lot of food is a dream come true, Hemsworth struggled to keep up.
Meanwhile, to match his Thor workout routine, he later embraced a strict vegan diet, popularising the term “vegan bodybuilding.” Chris Hemsworth’s Thor workout plan is based on consistency, intensity, and dedication, just like his eating plan. That, and a lot of hard work in the gym.
Hemsworth did, after all, need to convert thousands of extra calories into muscle, and he only had an hour at a time to do so. There aren’t many fitness routines that can compare to Chris Hemsworth’s.
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