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By: Entertainment Bureau
Last Updated: July 24, 2022, 21:17 IST
Mumbai, India
Farhan Akhtar's production house in talks with Russo Brothers for future collab.
Bollywood actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar made all his Indian fans proud as he recently made his MCU debut with the mini-series Ms. Marvel. Although his role was short-lived, his presence was enough to make his fans happy. Now, talking about the series, he says that Hindi heroes have been doing what superheroes do- that too for a long time. “Our heroes have been beating up an array of bad guys and sending them flying in the air since time immemorial,” pointed out Farhan, who is well-known for cult hits such as ‘Dil Chaahta Hai’, ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Don’, and now for the web series.
Farhan was speaking during a conversation with The Russo Brothers, who were in Mumbai to promote their action film for Netflix, ‘The Gray Man’.
The filmmaker further added that while Hindi films may not have big budgets to compete with content from Hollywood, the industry as a whole needs to pull up its socks.
“We as India’s film fraternity may not have huge spending power on VFX or budgets like the films in the west, but we need to up our game as the audience now has access to content from all over the world,” the actor-director-producer concluded.
Meanwhile, it is being reported that Farhan and his business partner Ritesh Sidhwani are in talks with the Russo Brothers. While it doesn’t seem like another acting project is in the making for the actor with the MCU directors, it is said that the Russo Brothers are in talks with Farhan and Ritesh’s Excel Entertainment.
As reported by IANS, the Russo Brothers confirmed that they had a discussion with Excel Entertainment during a press conference in Mumbai. “We love what the two gentlemen (Farhan and Ritesh) have been doing with content in India, they have a brilliant knack for telling disruptive stories. Although such things take time to materialise we are definitely talking with them with regards to developing something. At this moment, I can only say that it’s an exchange of ideas at this stage,” Anthony Russo said.
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