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The man who Mark Wahlberg recently called “the greatest trainer in the world” shares five exercises that will prime you for any activity
When it comes to fitness Gunnar Peterson knows what he’s talking about. The man Mark Wahlberg recently referred to as “the greatest trainer in the world” has been involved in the fitness industry for nearly three decades, is F45’s chief of athletics and has had the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Tom Brady and Mike Tyson pumping iron at his exclusive Beverly Hills gym.
Peterson’s clients train in luxury, at a place where every piece of equipment imaginable is available and the world’s greatest trainer is on hand to show you how to use it.
But just because he and his clients have access to all that equipment, that doesn’t mean it’s essential for getting a great workout in. “My gym is Hamleys,” says Peterson “It’s packed with anything and everything that you need … but I could do a whole workout with two cinderblocks and a broomstick, and I think any trainer worth their salt could as well.”
Peterson stresses that to get a great workout in you don’t need a lot, and in fact, just five exercises can get you ready for whatever life throws at you.
On their own, these five exercises are enough to build a physique that’s strong, mobile and looks good. You can find out what they are and Peterson’s reasons for choosing them, below.
Peterson says: “It’s a big posterior chain move, so when you pack the lats to get the lift done properly, you’re lighting up everything. When it’s performed properly, it’s terrific. People worry about getting hurt during a deadlift, but I see it the other way. When it’s done properly, I think you can prevent back injuries down the line.”
Peterson says: “Jackknifes are targeting abs from origin – there’s so many variations of it, so alternating sides and adding little rotations to it. That’s important.”
Peterson says: “If you think about all your swinging sports, whether it’s golf, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, boxing, if you overload those movements in the gym, it will only make doing those moves without the load in their respective sports easier.”
Peterson says: “I love adding the rotation with the press to see the challenge that gives the core and how that hits the delts. I think it’s a movement that lends to a lot of things in sport.”
Peterson says: “You have to throw a curl in there because it’s curls and it’s Men’s Health, and let’s not pretend guys aren’t doing curls.”
Gunnar Peterson is F45’s chief of athletics. He’s designed an exclusive ascending weight, pyramid-style resistance workout, which will be launching on the global F45 timetable in Spring 2022.


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