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Self image is an “internal dictionary” that lists traits about the self, including intelligence, talent, beauty, and traits like selfishness and kindness. These traits serve as a collective depiction of our strengths and weaknesses, as seen by us. Everything we can or cannot do ultimately depends on how we see ourselves and the identity we choose. Therefore, altering our mental wiring to believe a specific way about us or enhancing our self image can change the results.
Our actions and behaviors reflect the self image we hold of ourselves in our subconscious. Most of the time, self confidence is increased by having a positive self image. You don’t need to wait to hear what other people think of you. It gives you a sense of satisfaction in life. But sadly, we are all so dependent on other people’s perceptions of us these days that our self image is distorted. We strive to live up to the expectations of others around us in order to create a positive self image. And we have our own expectations to deal with too.
Writer and psychologist Adete Dahiya, via Instagram, suggests some ways people can improve their self image.
According to research, human memories are poor at remembering details. We frequently form beliefs based on incorrect recollections, and we tend to recall negative outcomes more strongly than positive ones. This implies that if we can change the way we feel and think about the past, we can change the way we see ourselves and the world. It is always preferable to recall and treasure the positive aspects of your past than to dwell on the unpleasant ones. This will have a positive effect on your self image.
Although we can’t always control our negative thoughts, we can manage how we talk to ourselves. Speak to yourself like you would to your partner or best friend. Give yourself the respect and assurance you deserve. For instance, if you’re planning to paint and everyone around you is unsure of your ability to do it, you will feel low on confidence confident and won’t even try. Instead, you should believe in yourself and stop listening to what other people have to say. You should tell yourself, “I am good at this and I can do this.” These daily affirmations can be life-changing. It’s crucial to talk to yourself occasionally, keep yourself motivated, and prevent letting negative thought sneak in your head.
According to the expert, our brain is unable to differentiate between actual and imagined experiences. Utilize this by picturing past victories to awaken the senses connected to those victories right now, and then utilise that emotion to envision a brighter future in order for your subconscious mind to begin reflecting the same.” Sometimes, all we can think of is the worst-case scenarios. The worst personality feature a person can have is one that makes them feel weak and prevents them from developing the kind of positive self esteem they require. Start thinking positively. Manifestation actually works. Always keep in mind that you have more control over your thoughts than you think, and that will help you improve self image.
Improving your self image can make you feel assured and deserving. When you value and respect yourself, you feel secure and worthy of what you have. You normally get along well with people and are self-assured of your abilities. Additionally, you’re receptive to learning and criticism, which can help in your overall development. So, it’s always better to know about yourself and your self image and to try improving it.
A budding journalist, I have a different perspective in life which is largely positive and vibrant. I like putting down my thoughts on different topics, especially on healthy lifestyle and mental well-being.
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