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Debina Bonnerjee who recently gave birth to Lianna is now pregnant for the second time. She announced her pregnancy news in style. However, in an interview, the actress revealed about the constant problem and threat she faced, all through the first trimester. She talked about how she continued to bleed all through the trimester and still continued to be pregnant. A report on talked about it and we take reference from that story for our write up here.
Debina said, “I didn’t have any symptoms. I did not get repelled by any smell; I was able to eat fish. I wasn’t having nausea. I wasn’t having constipation. I wasn’t feeling dizzy. I wasn’t having any cravings, too. All in all, I had zero symptoms and was bleeding throughout. So, I was just not able to understand that I am pregnant.”
“When my pregnancy was confirmed and the heartbeat [of the baby] was also confirmed, I was tensed with the fact that my bleeding isn’t stopping.”
“When I searched pregnancy and bleeding, all results pointed towards a possible miscarriage. However, I used to go for a scan every 2-3 days, and my pregnancy was intact. It was looking good and there was no problem or complication. Even the doctors were confused as to why I am bleeding.”

Finally, a scan detected a clot in her uterus which turned out to be the source. “I was bleeding throughout my first trimester and I was still properly pregnant. There was no problem. After 3-4 scans, we found that till the clot doesn’t come out, it will continue to bleed. At the end of the second month or maybe in the middle of the third month, my bleeding stopped completely,” she said.
We wish and pray that Debina is fine and delivers a healthy baby!!
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