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Adhik Mehta the talented actor who is engaging his fans in the role of Adhik in Star Plus’ Anupamaa, is a fitness freak.
In a candid chat with, Adhik talks about his fitness choices.
Check them here.
Cheat Food:
Pizza, I can do anything for it.
Favourite Exercise:
Cardio, running, skipping
The purpose of exercise for you is:
I want to keep providing my heart with good fuel so that it runs longer. I also want to look fit and healthy, even in my old age.
Fruit or juices: 
Stairs or lift:
Your best morning routine will comprise of:
I don’t have a morning routine. I wake up, freshen up. I do not have breakfast, I take up intermittent fasting, so have lunch directly at my shoot place.
Your favourite lockdown exercise:
I am glad that I did not do any kind of exercise during the lockdown, yet managed to stay fit.
Yoga Or Weights: 
I have never tried yoga, but want to. I am good with weights.
Walking or Jogging:
I indulge in both.
Your take on health supplements:
I don’t take health supplements. I only believe in taking multivitamins.
Best way to burn calories:
Your take on six-pack abs:
If you have it, great. If you don’t have one, don’t worry about it. I will not attempt to have a six-pack unless there is a character requirement.
Any personal goals in mind with regards to fitness:
I want to maintain the body I have currently.
One tip for everyday fitness:
Don’t miss your half an hour daily routine of working out.
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