Can you find the ‘sneaky’ cat hiding in this living room? – New York Post

Seek-and-find challenge lovers are feline frazzled over this optical illusion, which dares people to find the cat hiding inside a room. The brain teaser apparently started circulating online at least two years ago — but is currently going viral amid the online optical illusion craze.
“Find my cat in this photo,” Redditor u/pizzaslayer111 captioned the pic, which depicts a typical house with a table, shelf, comfy chair and doorway leading into a hallway with stairs.
The kitty, meanwhile, appears to be nonexistent — or is it?
Needless to say, it took some time for brainteaser buffs to see past the cat-mouflage.
Still can’t see it? Upon closer inspection, viewers can make out the partially obscured face of a black cat peering somewhat spookily through the doorway at the camera.


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