Brett Eldredge Reveals 5 Tips For Improving Mental Health: "I Feel A Hundred Times Better" –

October 21, 2022
4:27 PM
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World Mental Health Day recently passed, but Brett Eldredge wants fans to be emotionally fit on the daily.
The “Songs About You” singer turned to social media (Oct. 20) to reveal his five go-to tips on how he improves his mental health.
“I was a little down today, just a little tired. Just worn out mentally,” Eldredge declared. “So I was like, I gotta change my movement. I gotta get moving. I started doing this, and I am feeling a hundred times better,” he added.
The country crooner filmed himself in his home gym. The convenient space included a bench press, dumbbells, and a yoga mat – everything one needs to escape reality and transform into their best self.
He continued to share his mental health hacks. First,  Eldredge challenged his devoted followers to “get moving!”
“If you can, do something every day to get you moving,” said Eldredge. “Get your heart pumping. Get you out of your comfort zone. It is a mental health game. Moving has been the number one thing that’s helped me.”
Next, he stressed the importance of an uninterrupted sleep cycle and fitness routine.
“Get some good sleep,” he pointed out. “Get a good workout in.”
The chart-topping artist did not fail to mention that a balanced diet is a vital component of maintaining a strong mindset and body.
“Get a good diet plan – eat your best.”
Most importantly, he encouraged everyone to be kind to one another and themselves.
“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” he uttered. “That’s my tip for the day. I am not a master, but I am figuring it out slowly, one day at a time. I guarantee you can too. What are you waiting for?” Eldredge questioned.
Country music fans flocked to the comments to thank the hitmaker for the reminder and for sparking the conversation.
“Thanks, BE. I really needed this. I have been down a lot lately. You are the best!” said a TikTok user. “So true, and I definitely needed this reminder. It is a struggle some days, BUT I’m trying,” added another. “I write in a gratitude journal nearly every morning. It helps me to keep my soul in check.”
This is far from the first time the singer-songwriter has opened up about his mental health, as he has become an advocate throughout the years. In early 2021, he shared an eye-opening poem that touched upon his struggles.
“I woke up feeling less than myself | Tried writing down all the words but it didn’t help | I walked along the bridge through the park at the commons | Still hurt held its grip much more than I wanted | I tried to escape every way that I could,” he wrote on Instagram. “Then I realized that feeling this way could be good | For how could I know the feeling of bliss | If life was all smiles and love without risk |So Today I’ll soak in all of this pain | The more that I feel |The more that I gain.”
Music and writing has become a getaway for Eldredge. He penned his emotional ballad “Raymond” while wrapping his head around his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. His vulnerability and helpful storytelling are also displayed in his latest album, “Songs About You.”
He previously told Hello Magazine, that working out and self-care have become a form of “medicine.” The vocalist also declared that he had to get comfortable with being alone and embracing his “own company.”
“I think we all struggle with that in some ways, but there are definitely days when I’m like – I mean, I don’t hate myself, but there are times when it’s tough, and you’ve got to give yourself some grace,” he said to the publication. “Some space, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”
While keeping his mental health in check, the Chicago native is gearing up for his highly anticipated Glow Live Tour. Eldredge will kick off the 14-city run with a three-night residency at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium and end in Boston. Tickets are available for purchase, here.
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