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Rajesh carries his toddler son in one hand while driving a cycle rickshaw.
Raising a family is not an easy job. To successfully overcome the challenge, people have to toil really hard. The story of a cycle rickshaw puller in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur is an inspiration in this regard. Rajesh carries his toddler son in one hand while driving a cycle rickshaw on the streets of the city. A video of the man’s hard work is going viral on social media where users have come forward to help him.

देश में गरीब कल्याण के तमाम दावों को झुठलाती तस्वीर जबलपुर से, राजेश 5 साल की बिटिया को बस स्टॉप पर छोड़ते हैं.दुधमुंहे बच्चे को हाथ में लेकर साइकिल रिक्शा चलाते हैं जिससे रोटी कै जुगाड़ हो सके! संघर्ष एक ही है वर्ग का मान लें..पूंजीवाद से

The man leaves the house every day, carrying his son on the shoulder. The infant sleeps in between but the father works hard to earn a livelihood and provide food to his family.
Rajesh roams across Jabalpur looking for passengers and after getting a ride, he drives a rickshaw with one hand to take them to their destination.
Twitter users were moved by the strong resolve shown by the rickshaw puller.
“He definitely needs help. Its unsafe and sad,” said one user. “Is there a way to help him?” asked another.
Rajesh has two sons – he leaves the elder one at home and performs his duty while carrying the little one with him.
Madhya Pradesh is witnessing heavy rainfall for the past few weeks and the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that it will continue till the weekend. The state has already received 28 per cent more rainfall than its normal threshold.
Heavy downpour over the last few days had caused flooding in parts of Vidisha, Sagar, Bhind, Morena and Sheopur districts.
In such a scenario, a pregnant woman was taken to a healthcare facility on a JCB machine in Neemuch district after the ambulance failed to reach her house due to heavy flooding in the area.

The JCB machine was arranged by the local administration and police under the supervision of the local MLA.
The incident took place in Rawatpura village in Neemuch district, which is among the 39 districts of Madhya Pradesh where a red alert has been issued due to heavy rain.
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