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Healthcare startups are focusing on mobile apps to make healthcare accessible to all.
By making healthcare accessible to people on their phones and even their doorsteps, health apps are sure to enhance the increasing focus on individual care from the comfort of your homes. We talked to three entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector about how they are using mobile apps to spread fitness.  
Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe, was obese when he returned to India after completing his education in the USA. He recalls, “I wanted to reduce weight but there was a lack of database for the calorie counts present in Indian food.” Founded by Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy, HealthifyMe provides fitness and weight loss services virtually. Vashisht was also conducting an experiment, a part of which focused on creating a database of nutritional values in Indian foods. He later went on to create an exhaustive list of nutrient value with the National Institute of Nutrition. “This was the stepping-stone to my entrepreneurial journey and HealthifyMe was created in 2012 to help users track their daily food and work-out routines in their quest for a healthy lifestyle,” shares the founder. The app provides calorie tracking, water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness coaching. 
Downloads: 10,000,000+
Stars: 4.6 as per Google Playstore
Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe
Tweak and Eat
Just upload a photo of the meal you’re about to eat and Tweak and Eat will tell you how to eat the meal to help you achieve your health goals. The app uses AI to analyse the food items and the nutritional make-up of the user meal, and helps nutritionists in making real-time ‘Tweaks’ to it. Co-founded by Narayanan Ram and Anand Subra in 2017, the app now ranks fourth on Google Playstore in the health and wellness category. “The journey of starting Tweak and Eat is truly serendipitous,” claims Ram. His interest was sparked in the fitness and wellness industry when his aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer. “During this time, I discussed a lot about health and wellness with Anand, who has a solid background in the health sector. Our discussions led to the formation of Tweak and Eat,” recalls Ram.
Downloads: 800,000+
Stars: 3.7 as per Google Playstore

Narayanan Ram, co-Founder, Tweak and Eat
Hailing from a small town of Polaha in Madhya Pradesh, Jitendra Chouksey has always been keen on body-building. “India is leading the world in diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, all of which are lifestyle diseases and easily preventable with proper nutrition,” declares Choksey. He started SQUATS, a WhatsApp group where he helped his friends and family get fit in 2016. After receiving positive feedback, he launched the fitness application Fittr in 2018. Fittr is a one-app stop for all your health and fitness queries. The app offers features like automated diet charts, quantified food details, BMR analysis, weekly diet chart planner, along with healthy food recipes. Chouksey shares, “It began with a simple idea – to help people – and that continues to be the driving force behind our organization. With FITTR, we’ve shown that even first-generation entrepreneurs with no prior business experience can create a world-class organization from scratch.” Fittr currently has over 190 coaches on its platform and more than 3,500 new client enrolments month after month with a 40 per cent renewals rate.
Downloads: 100,000+
Stars: 4.7 as per Google Playstore

Jitendra Chouksey, Founder and CEO, FITTR
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