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Ananya Panday’s Dessert In London Looks Too Cute To Be Eaten
Updated : September 05, 2022 11:09 IST
She shared an image of ‘the cutest little dessert’, which was in the shape and size of a mushroom. 
Actor Ananya Panday is currently in London, and seems to be enjoying her trip to the fullest. Even during the promotions of her recent film, Liger, she was traveling across India with actor Vijay Deverakonda, creating quite the food trail. And given that she is such a big foodie, we were not surprised to spot delish food in her Instagram stories as soon as she landed in the UK. 
She shared an image of ‘the cutest little dessert’, which was in the shape and size of a mushroom. Covered in fondant, the mushroom had a beautiful red cap and white spots. What was inside the mushroom, one can never know? We are hoping for loads of chocolate since Ananya is a fan. 
Ananya is also a fitness freak, but she never shies away from indulging every once in a while, and her Instagram is proof. There are several pictures of her where she can be seen surrounded with pizzas, pastas, burgers, and the like. She also seems to be a big fan of fries – ‘a bouquet of fries’, to be precise. 
The actor is equally passionate about desi delicacies. When she was in Lucknow, she tried the city’s famous Tunday Kababi. The melt-in-your-mouth kebabs go back a century, they were originally created by a man who had but one hand, and hence the name, ‘tunday’. In Ahmedabad, she also tried the famous veg Gujarati Thali with Vijay, prior to the film’s release.
Coming back to her love for desserts, Ananya may refrain from sugar most of the time, but when it is time to indulge, she goes all out. Remember the time she had a whole spread of desserts in front of her when she was dining at Shilpa Shetty’s new restaurant? From truffles, and mousses to tres leches cakes, the spread was nothing short of a dream, but the duo was at it since apparently, it was Chunky Panday’s treat, who is infamous for loosening his purse at restaurants.  
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