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I met a girl online, she was a medical student who was just depressed as she had few friends who she could not trust and had few family problems, which she could not share with others.
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Updated: 08 Jan 2022 1:01 pm
It all started at the end of the year 2001, just after breaking up with my girlfriend of 5 year. I landed in Delhi to start preparing for a competitive examination but was not too interested in continuing my study. I joined the cyber cafe business of my distant relative.
At that time the rate for surfing the internet was exorbitant, Rs. 40 to Rs. 50/hour, which definitely a jobless person like me could not afford at that time. I used the opportunity of running a cyber cafe business to scroll through articles of various interests, in the process got hooked to chatting on Yahoo Messenger. This was a turning point in my life.
I met a girl online, she was a medical student who was just depressed as she had few friends who she could not trust and had few family problems, which she could not share with others. I started listening to her and gradually fell in love with her, during those chatting days “I HAVEN’T SEEN HER PHOTO OR HEARD HER VOICE”. This was purely emotional bonding between two souls. My internet was free and I used to be online most of the time, this helped in the growth of our relationship.
The relationship grew and we decided to meet, I traveled from Delhi to Karnataka by train to just meet her. After meeting her I did not regret my decision. She was very caring and we were comfortable in each-other’s company. That was the time, I decided to take admission in some course just to be with her. I was lucky enough to pass the admission test and got admission in Mass Communication.
When my classes started, we could manage time to meet and spend time together in spite of hectic academics’ requirements. This relationship helped me to be more responsible and mature in life. As field shoot, studio work and exams pressure increased I could not give time to my relationship and with each passing day it got derailed. We tried hard to manage, to be precise she tried to cope with my busy schedule but “WE” could not get back the old flame in our relationship.
The relationship did not see the end of the day as we decided to part ways, still being friends. After getting out of the relationship I was free of mind and started concentrating on my study, which she supported. It was a little difficult for her to forget the past but I was always there for her, she confided in me whenever she needed to, even after break-up.
After I finished my course of two years, I did not see her after that, though we were in touch through emails and occasional phone calls. We both are happily married and busy in our lives, just exchanging Happy Birthday & Happy New Year wishes on What’s up.
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