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Including tips from strongman Tom Stoltman, Jackass‘s Steve-O and cover star Scott Britton
At Men’s Health, we know a fair bit about health and fitness. It is our bread and butter, after all. But most of the time, we prefer to think of ourselves as conduits – a channel linking you to the best and brightest minds in the industry, from world-class athletes to actors, campaigners, psychologists and other experts in men’s well-being.
This month, we have a particularly good line-up. In our April issue, on sale now, cover star Scott Britton discusses fitness as a force for positive change; politician and Olympic star Seb Coe tells Alastair Campbell about the secrets to a winning mindset; British strongman Tom Stoltman offers up his top lifting tips; UFC legend Nate Diaz shares a plan for ultimate endurance; and Jackass‘s Steve-O explains how he became a model of men’s health (really).
Here are just a few good reasons to pick up a copy, or subscribe so you never miss another issue.
MH Elite member and founder of Battle Cancer, Scott Britton has always seen sport as a force for good. Follow his lead to effect positive change in your own life.
When the pandemic led to a surge in outdoor exercise, we quickly realised that our workouts hadn’t exactly prepared us for wild environments. Never fear. Our guide is designed to make your fitness functional again by lifting awkward objects, climbing, crawling, jumping and otherwise pushing your cardio limits. No one knows this more than these five people – the World’s Strongest Man, an ice climber, a UFC legend, an animal-movement specialist and an extreme survivalist.
The man who sated the public’s most brutal and bloody appetites for public self-flagellation, Steve-O is now sober, middle-aged and a credible model of men’s health. Following the release of Jackass Forever, he’s finding new ways to turn his painful journey into comedy.
With our fitness social feeds populated by ever more complicated moves, it’s good to know the old staples still work. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. Here, MH fitness editor Andrew Tracey has tweaked five moves to help you perfect every rep.
The life of Seb Coe has been one of many chapters – record-breaking athlete, Olympic gold medallist, Member of Parliament, sporting president – but each has been a story of determination, industry, and occasionally triumph over adversity. Here, he explains to Men’s Health how physical fitness and mental strength can beget one another.
Notions of gender, sex and social roles have been subject to closer scrutiny in the past few years than perhaps ever before. So, what does ‘masculinity’ mean in 2022? And how does it shape our sense of who we are – or who we feel we’re supposed to be? Men’s Health spoke to eight men, each with very different stories, about what modern manhood means to them.


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