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Getting to the gym can be tough, even for people who truly love to work out. There are a lot of factors that can dissuade us from going: having to find time to squeeze it into your always-too-busy schedule; knowing your favorite leggings are in the laundry; knowing a brutal leg workout is on your schedule for that night; just having a low-energy day. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a rest day when you need one, on the days when you do manage to power through the mental resistance and get to the gym for a solid workout, we’re big fans of commemorating the occasion with a well-deserved social media flex — or a real-talk selfie (or two), with gym captions that acknowledge how hard it was to make it through your exercise routine that day.
Whether you’re a cardio enthusiast or you live to lift weights, your workouts require a lot of dedication and, often, time. So go on, take a video of yourself hitting that bench press personal record, or cap off that Spin class with a sweaty selfie. Then post it with one of these Instagram gym captions and take pride in the work you put in. Consider it a way to savor the good feelings that checking off your workout for the day can bring — and if a bunch of likes and nice comments roll in (thanks to one these workout captions), that’s just an added bonus.
Additional reporting by Melissa Santoyo
by Kelsey Garcia 5 hours ago
by Monica Sisavat 6 hours ago
by Njera Perkins 8 hours ago
by Eden Arielle Gordon 9 hours ago
by Kelsey Garcia 1 day ago
by Chanel Vargas 1 day ago
by Chandler Plante 1 day ago
by Njera Perkins 1 day ago
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