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Kick your preening game into gear
The Men’s Health team spends its days writing about everything to do with fitness, style, grooming and beyond. And when that’s your job, it’s only natural that you start to absorb that knowledge over time and incorporate it into your own life – from getting the most out of a workout to supercharging your morning skincare routine.
Where the latter is concerned, our editors have picked up some genius grooming hacks over the years, which keep them looking and feeling their best – and they’re more than happy to share them with anyone who’ll listen. Whether it’s the benefit of cold showers or how to achieve the perfect head shave, here are their top tips for taking your regime to the next level.
‘Find a good hairstyling product that works for you and stick to it. It’s tempting to just go for whatever’s discounted when you need to restock, but we’re talking about something you’re massaging into your hair on a daily basis – it deserves a bit of thought! Bulldog’s new Original Styling Cream uses all natural styling agents, and contains shea butter to keep the hair moisturised and looking its best – even the Men’s Health Lab vouches for it.’
‘It’s amazing what a cold shower first thing in the morning can do. Not only does it shock you out of your post-sleep grogginess, it also improves circulation, kickstarts your metabolism and closes pores to help prevent blackheads and pimples. Throw in a good shower gel and a moisturiser, and you’re laughing.’
‘Not all moisturisers are created equal, so it’s smart to get clued up on the top ingredients. I like aloe vera for calming sensitivity, especially post-shave, and always look for an antioxidant to minimise signs of premature ageing – Bulldog’s Original Moisturiser uses green tea, which is suitable for all skin types. Skincare isn’t a one-hit wonder, so you need to use it consistently to see results – moisturiser should be non-negotiable in your daily routine.’
‘I’m trying to make more eco-friendly decisions when it comes to razors – Bulldog’s Original Bamboo Razor is kinder to the planet, with a bamboo handle and fully recycled packaging, and its tempered steel blades mean it’s really efficient too. When it comes to getting a super close shave, I find temperature is key. I like to wait until after a hot shower to tackle my neckline, as the heat helps to soften the hair for a closer, easier shave. I also run a sink full of very hot water and use it to rinse the blades between strokes, as the heat helps them to glide over the skin smoothly. If you’ve ever been to a proper Turkish barber for a shave, you’ll know how much a bit of heat can help!’
‘Although I don’t have much/any hair on my head, I still take the time to look after everything up there. First, I wash my scalp with warm water to open the pores, which lessens the chances of any friction when using the razor. I then apply a sensitive shave gel (as my head is prone to red blotches) and slowly start shaving with the grain, washing the razor after every couple of strokes, so it doesn’t get clogged. Once I’m well and truly bald, I wash my head with cold water to firm the skin and close the pores, and follow with an application of a sensitive aftershave balm to cool it down even further.’
‘Every other day, I wash my facial hair with a beard shampoo and conditioner. I avoid using regular shampoo to do this, as head hair is very different to facial hair (and can be more sensitive). I opt for a product that uses delicate ingredients such as aloe vera, making sure it’s washed out and properly dried using a hairdryer and comb. I then apply bit of wax to make sure my beard stays in place all day.’
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