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K-pop idols have the most hectic fitness routines, and that’s no surprise. Their incredibly toned bodies never fail to impress fans. Apart from following a strict diet, K-pop idols spend substantial time in the gym.
Some artists push all boundaries to attain conventionally attractive bodies. However, other artists love the idea of keeping themselves healthy, agile, and physically strong.
Let’s take a look at some of the K-pop idols who love spending time at the gym.
The ITZY leader has earned fame not just because of her leadership skills but also her dedication. Her highly energetic performances and dance moves are a reflection of the stamina and agility she possesses. ITZY members acknowledged that Yeji would not miss a single opportunity to hit the gym.
The golden maknae of the world’s biggest K-pop group loves to workout, and glimpses of it often make rounds on the internet. Jungkook does boxing, planks, squats, mountain climbers, burpees, push-ups, and crunches, among other exercises. The K-pop idol also shared multiple videos of boxing on his Instagram account.
Solar’s defined abs speak volumes about her fitness routine. The gym lover never misses a day to work on her toned and fit body. Apart from the regular cardio exercises, she also likes to pole dance, which the singer started learning as part of Mamamoo’s Egoistic music video.
TWICE’s Momo is famous for her energetic moves and stamina. The terrific dancer’s gym routine involves twist planks and sit-ups, which she herself revealed on MTV’s The Show. As the group’s main dancer, she does a fantastic job serving fans with her over-the-top energy. There are no doubts about Momo and her gala time in the gym.
With washboard abs like EXO’s Kai, no proof is needed to know how big of a gym freak he is. The structured body requires a dedicated gym regime that includes bar pull-ups, bench sit-ups, and weights. The K-pop idol often posts videos of him at the gym carrying out his routine workout.
A fabulous dancer, BLACKPINK’s Rose is also a gym freak. While her fellow members are no less, the Gone singer reaches for an extra pull even on the busiest days. Her pilate routine video on Youtube landed her immense praise for being a fitness enthusiast.
7) Jackson Wang – GOT7
With a well-sculpted chest and torso, the GOT7 member is known for his brilliant physique. Jackson has put himself through extensive weight training and cardio exercises. He is a powerhouse when it comes to hitting the gym.
8) Joy – Red Velvet
Red Velvet’s Joy stunned fans with her defined muscles during her Peek-A-Boo performance in 2018. Since then, there has been no going back. Her sheer stamina and flexibility have increased more so in the past few years. The K-pop idol loves to work on her physique and her toned arms and legs are a testament to the same.
9) RM – BTS
ARMYs went berserk after witnessing how bulked up, and structured BTS leader RM has become in the past few months. BTS members exposed how RM has left no stone unturned in maintaining and building up his physique. His time in the gym has increased manifold, and his broad chest and muscular thighs are a testament to the same.
10) Jongho – ATEEZ
ATTEZ’s Jongho has worked intensively on his body throughout the past few months. The K-pop idol has turned into a gym freak, and his toned calves and arm muscles are proof enough. He has been weight training extensively and doing push-ups with fellow members sitting on top of him.
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