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Sep 8, 2022
This romantic beachside property will offer you incredible views of the sea, and will offer you a sense of being close to the waters all the time.
It is one of the most beautiful beachside hotels, where you will enjoy your stay to the fullest. Since the property is situated very close to the coastline, you get to enjoy a cool breeze throughout the day.
Opt to stay in this property to witness how it preserves the rich coastal culture of Malabar. The property boasts of thatched roofing, and is beautifully surrounded by trees and green lawns.
This property is situated on a cliff, so you are assured the best of views of the Arabian Sea and Kovalam shoreline. The highlight of this property lies in its private beach and spa.
This luxury beachside hotel in Puri will offer you the best of amenities. You get the option of choosing from their comfortably appointed suites, rooms, and cottages.
This property once served as the summer retreat of the royal family of Travancore, and has now been turned into a hotel that overlooks the Arabian Sea. Expect royalty at its best if you opt to stay here.
Set in a tropical jungle and situated close to the most iconic Radhanagar Beach, Barefoot had locally inspired beautiful cottages and huts, the stuff that dreams are made of.
This 5-star property is just a short drive away from the UNESCO-listed city of Mamallapuram. The villas here overlook the pristine Bay of Bengal, which makes for a great view and stay.
It’s one of the most romantic beachside properties in South India. Situated in lush greenery, this property has traditional style wooden cottage rooms that come with all amenities.
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